There are a number of commorative items in the Church:-

Revd. Canon Osborn (Vicar of Embleton 1884-1896) – A plaque on the Vicar’s Desk saying, ‘To the glory of God and in loving memory of the late Revd. Canon Osborn. This desk is given by his daughters. November 29 1903’.

Percy Adams – A plaque on the wall in his memory following his drowning in the River Tweed in an attempt to save others, 6th August 1931. He was the local Scout Master.

Millicent Ann Simpson – A picture was given in memory of Millicent Ann Simpson who died on 7th March 1943 aged 8 years. This probably helped furnish the Children’s Corner. A further picture was given on 22nd August 1943 by Craster Boys and Girls Church Society.

Muriel Bolland – A memorial to Muriel Bolland who died on 21st December 1945. She was the younger daughter of W.E.Bolland Vicar of Embleton 1896-1905. It was during his incumbency that Newton Mission Church was built.

1939 –1945 War Memorial in memory of Hugh Wright, Luke Thompson, James Wilson and Graham Blair. The Memorial was dedicated on 8th February 1948.

Collection Plate – The silver Collection Plate was given by the villagers in memory of Robert Carss in 1962.

Deanna Elizabeth Rippon - There is a plaque saying that she died on 12th November 1986 and that the cross on the outside of the Church was given in her memory.

Dedication Memorial – a plaque stating that the Church was dedicated to Saint Mary the Virgin on 13 September 1998 by Martin Wharton, Bishop of Newcastle.

Centenary Memorial – A framed print designed by Bob and Daniel Foster-Smith to commemorate the Church’s Centenary 1903-2003. The image was used to produce Centenary tea towels which were sold to raise funds for the church.

Maurice Blair Memorial Window – A stained glass window panel was installed in October 2006 in memory of Maurice Blair, a popular member of the village and church congregation. The panel was created by Roy Coomber, a highly professional and experienced member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters. It includes the inscription 'In Memory of Maurice Blair 1929 - 2003'.