Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Saint Mary’s Church at Newton-by-the-Sea is part of the Parish of Embleton. It was originally built as a Mission Room towards the end of the 19th century. Parish records show that regular evening services were held here in the late 1890’s. In 1902 permission was granted for the building to be licensed for the celebration of Holy Communion and for Baptism. During the ensuing year alterations took place to create Newton Mission Church, and Holy Communion was first celebrated on 29th November 1903. James Richard Carss, was the first person to be baptised on 12th December 1903. The Vicar, Reverend W.E. Bolland, officiated.

In the early years the building was used as the Church and Village Hall, probably until the “Women’s Institute Hall” was erected after the First World War. When this hall was closed in 1996 Newton Church Committee agreed that, once again, the Church could be used for Village meetings. It has since been used for all meetings of the Civil Parish Council, Exhibitions and Concerts.

In 1994 the Church was re-roofed with steel sheeting. In 1997 the building was rewired and new lighting and electric heaters were installed. In 1998 the floor was carpeted.

In 2006 a ramp leading up to the door for wheelchair access was installed.

Today this little church bought in kit form (see links below) over a hundred years ago, continues to serve the small population and holidaymakers of Newton and it plays an important part in the life of the village.

Tin Tabernacle

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