Saint Mary’s Church, Newton-by-the-Sea
Parish of Embleton
Annual Report 2018


Chairman – Revd. Alison Hardy, *Judy Foster-Smith, **Jean Lawrence, *Christopher Rippon
                      Simon Rippon, Christine Hunter (Church Warden), Joan Little (Churchwarden)
*elected to Embleton PCC to represent St. Mary’s   ** elected Farne Churches together representative


St Mary’s welcomed Revd. Alison Hardy to the Benefice in March 2018 and looked forward to working with her in this Church and indeed in the Benefice. The Committee is very grateful for all she has done in the first year of her ministry here.


The services throughout the year have been held in a similar manner to previous years.
During the year there were 33 services in the Church (the Family Service in March was cancelled because of deep snow) (33 in 2017). The services were Sung Eucharist 12, Family Service 11 and Evening Prayer 7 together with 2 services in Holy Week. The Christmas Carol Service was attended by 57 people (2017 - 66)). The number of people attending services in 2018 was 521 (2017 - 553)


A summary of the accounts for 2018 is attached. The income was very similar to 2017. 
There were not as many events held towards the cost of building a new toilet in 2018 as 2017 due to the uncertainty of the amount of money required for the scheme. 
On the expenditure side this was much more than the previous year due to the cost of painting the exterior of the Church, £2,620.80. Fees for the Toilet scheme were also paid, £713.
St Mary’s also agreed to pay an extra £900 towards the Parish Share.
Details of St Mary’s Charitable Giving is shown under a separate heading.

Church of England Deposit Account

The money held in this account is largely for the payment of maintenance on a 125 year old building and money raised to help cover the cost of providing a toilet for the Church.  During the year no new money was placed in the account due to expenditures on painting the Church and other costs in connection with the toilet scheme.
At 31st December 2018 the money in the account stood at £29,531.86 an increase during the year of £146.03 being interest gained.

Proposed Toilet

Agreement on the terms of the lease with the National Trust have now been satisfactorily resolved and the document merely awaits signature once a price for the scheme is agreed and a contract about to be let. At the end of the year the Architect was almost ready to seek tenders. This has now (March 2019) been done but there are still important questions to be asked and answered.

Events during the year 

During the year there were 3 fund raising events.
The Watchorn Concert, Caim Folk Concert and Newton Art Fayre. These were all excellent events which raised £720. It must however be reported that the weather was very wet for most of the Art Fayre which had a detrimental affect on the number of visitors attending.

Charitable Giving : During the year the Church supported the following Charities:-  



Alziemers Society                                     


Water Aid                                      


Christian Aid                                          


Cedarwood Trust  (Harvest Collection)                    


Church of England Childrens Society  (Carol Service Collection)             


Church in Botswana                          




Alnwick Food Bank                                


Alnwick  Hospice                                         


Christmas Carol Service :  The Carol Service held on 23rd December was once again one of the highlights of the year with children and adults all taking part. The Church was decorated both inside and outside with Christmas Trees. Children brought the Christmas figures up to the Crib and all singing was accompanied by the Organ or Accordion. The collection was given to the Childrens Society.

Book of the Moment : The Church continued to offer ‘The Book of the Moment’ by making it available to all visitors to the Church. The venture is funded privately for which the Committee is very grateful.

The Benefice : Members of the congregation happily took part in events in the Benefice and much appreciated Benefice members supporting Saint Mary’s. 

Thanks : 

Many thanks to all who have helped St. Mary’s during the year without your support this little Church would not be able to continue to be a landmark example of our faith. Some 140 people signed the visitors book which probably means over 500 to 600 people visited the Church over the summer months.
Thanks too to all who helped in so many ways. Special thanks to Linda for opening and locking the Church every day for 7 months of the year and thanks also to Bob for cutting the grass. Also thanks to all those who helped before, during and after services. These jobs help keep the Church as a Witness in our lives.

Saint Mary’s Church Committee