Saint Mary’s Church, Newton-by-the-Sea
Parish of Embleton
Annual Report 2015


The Revd. Philip Harratt  (Chairman);  Christopher Rippon; Judy Foster-Smith;                              Valerie Pomfret; Jean Lawrence; Merrill Ham; Geoffrey Applegarth (Church Warden).


The services numbered 43 in total. They comprised Services of Worship for all Ages, Evening Services and Sung Eucharists, taking place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month respectively. The services were attended by 691 people (2014 – 725). The service on Easter Sunday was attended by 45 persons and the Carol Service by 64.

Proposed alterations to inside of the Church, including provision of servery and toilet.

Planning permission was received during the year for the construction of a toilet and associated work. It was also agreed that the Church would endeavour to raise money for alterations to the inside of the building, including extra storage and the provision of a Servery, as well as for the cost of building a toilet. The National Trust has agreed to provide, on a 99-year lease, additional land necessary for the building of the toilet. A lease has not yet been signed.

Special Events 2015:

Epiphany Extra:Valerie again organised a social evening in The Ship Inn at the beginning of January 2015. Again it was a very enjoyable evening on similar lines to previous years and was well attended.

Northumbrian Evening: The return of Ernie Coe and friends, after the absence of 3 years, was welcomed and enjoyed by almost 100 people. We are very pleased they are returning in August 2016. 

Northumbrian Folk Concert: Andy and Margaret Watchorn returned to give their 10th concert at St Mary’s to a very appreciative audience. An event looked forward to again in 2016. 

Organ Recital: Frederick Peacock, organist of St George’s, Jesmond, gave a much enjoyed light classical organ recital in September. Some 40 people attended the recital.

Falloden Teas: Once again the Bridgeman Family opened the gardens at Fallodon Hall as part of the National Gardens Scheme, to the benefit of the 3 Churches in Embleton Parish, who provided Teas. The event was greatly appreciated by all.

Harvest: This was held, as usual, on the first Sunday in October. It was followed by a Harvest lunch at the home of Christopher and Marjorie Rippon, Coastguard Cottages.

Carol Service: Some 64 people attended the Annual Carol Service which was followed by Christmas refreshments. The collection of £220 was given to The Children’s Society.

Finance :  The cost of running St. Mary’s in 2015 was £9288.  This included the day to day running costs, electricity, Benefice expenses, insurance and repairs, together with the payment of the Parish Share to the Diocese.  £1070 was also given by the congregation for charitable purposes (see below). The annual income for 2015 of £9559 covered these costs.

Charitable Giving : The Church supported the following charities during the year:



Church Army                                    




Cedarwood Trust                               




Hospice Care, Alnwick                    


Church in Botswana                          


Christian Aid Refugees Europe        


Childrens Society                              


Friends of St George’s Jesmond                                   


The Benefice :  There continued to be good interaction with all of the churches within the Benefice. ‘The Net’ and ‘The Whinstone Times’ were distributed to houses in the village. Members of the congregation assisted with various events within the Benefice and, in turn, members of other Churches helped members of St Mary’s with their work within the village.

Thanks : The Committee would like to thank all those who have helped with the running of St Mary’s. This has allowed the Church to grow in this area and enabled us to progress the alterations to the building which we feel will be beneficial not only to the church, but also to the whole local community. We hope these improvements will be completed by the end of 2016.